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Rather than provide a complete site map, we will rely on the top links above, and link here to the other parts of the site that either aren't covered above, or are
not obvious as to location. We start with area maps, circa 1956.This is sometimes said to be a guy thing, a result of a constitutional inability to ask for directions (or to follow them).


Map of Highline area circa 1956

Map of Seattle Tacoma area circa 1956


A photo tour of the high school today.

Clippings from the Highline Times, circa 1956


This page has misc. images from the 50s, cribbed from various web sites.

Checked out Google Maps, satellite view? Here is a shot of the Highline roof, and area.


by the Way...

The Editorial Page for the sardonic webmaster.

Classmates on the web. Links to classmate web sites and other web sources of information about them. Do you know of sites that should be here? Let us know.


Highline56 Op-Ed

The opinion page for all classmates

Photo page, shot around the school during an irritating shutterbug phase. How about you? Got any pix circa the 50s you want to post? Cute is not required, but somehow my camera aimed that way.


Highline Hello

The posting spot for Vignettes, memories and thoughts from classmates

See, cute is not required. This is the current photo page, starting off with this contribution from Alan Bahrenburg.


Cruise the Danube with Alan Bahrenburg.