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Welcome to the web site of the Highline High School Class of 1956!

Pix from the 53rd reunion! Here. Pictures from all reunions, see REUNION PAGE

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Must See! Classmate Biographies. And Outtakes.

European River Cruise



Grade School Class Pictures



Donace Memorabilia Page


The 60th REUNION will be held August 20 2016 at Glen Acres Country Club from 4pm to 7pm.

There will be a no host bar. The address is 1000 S 112th st. Questions: Shirley Flaherty 253 332 1867.
Please mail your attendee fee of $20 per person to Cheryl Bauman, 23618 N Lake Circle, Bothell, WA 98021.
Checks payable to Highline 56.


Just in! Pix from the 52nd. Know any of these people? Click on Bev and Ken for page 1, Dee, Ferd and Lynne for page 2, and Deanne and Ruthie for page 3..

From the Renunion Book, the short bio pages, click on the icon to the left.

We have two photo pages, one for circa 50s, and one for current photos. Dig through your old photos. Email or snail mail images you would like posted


We use three blogs in conjunction with this site. The by the Way blog is posted by me, the webmaster, and is my take on the news, sardonic as is my wont. The op-ed blog is for stuff you want to publish, which can be anything you have written or are thinking about. The Vignette blog is for your memories or flashbacks about our time together. Let's fill this up while we can still remember!

We need more entries for Classmates on the Web. This is about web sites that feature you, such as Ambassador Darryl Johnson at the left. It can be your own site, or any that mentions you. There are more out there, by far, than we have found, so please send in the URLs you know about!

Pictures from the 40th reunion book, the original 50th reunion page, and the pictures from the 51st and the 52nd, see them all from the Reunion page.

Be sure to sign the pirates log and tell everyone what you are doing, have done, and what is on your mind. Better yet, do a Bio, some detail of what you did between graduation and now. An offshoot is the Bio Outake, which tells of a specific event in your life that was formative or particularly important, or just entertaining. An outtake is sort of like our Vignette blog, only about something after graduation.

As you can see, every image on this page is a link to other pages on this site.

Georgina Busch Wicklund and and I, Chuck Cooper, are pulling all of this together, and need stuff from you. So send some good stuff. There is a page for newspaper clippings, about you! How about digging through those old scrap books or boxes that your mother kept, recording all your publishable activities, and sending them in for scanning? Don't skip over those photographs of you and your classmates. We have a photo album page just for those snapshots. If you haven't been by the school lately, the photo tour of the high school shows the many changes. Georgina has also supplied a couple of pix taken at the 1st Annual Gabfest. Click on site map to find the items not specifically listed in the top links, including a 1956 street map, the way you remember it before they built a freeway and expanded the airport over all your favorite places.

Be sure to take a look at the lost classmates list. There are names of folks on there that there is NO WAY they could be lost.

Who knew these guys could dance? Sure wish we had some video. Take a look at the programs for the years 1953 through 1956. Great pictures are presented full size, so the slow download is worth every minute. The programs are compliments of Diane McMahon, and don't miss her introduction to the Reviews.

We also have the June 1956 High Lines, the special graduation edition, with everything from the awards to the class will, prophecy and history, and don't miss the 56 Poll (excerpted for fast download) and all those unfair characterizations on page 5. Remember who had the prettiest hair? We are looking for more editions, so if you have some saved, let us know. This, like the Revue programs, comes courtesy of Diane "Bunion Bouncer" McMahon. And, from Donace Peterson Childs, we also have January and February issues of the 1956 High Lines, with more issues to post.

Recognizing that we were intimately involved with members of the other classes that were there with us (some more than others), we are also scanning portions of the Pirates Log for each of the years we were there. We start with a few pages, and solicit suggestions for inclusion. At the right are the 1956 Commencement program and the Class Day program.


by the Way...

Highline56 Op-Ed

Highline Hello

Here are handy links to the three Blogs mentioned above. These technically not part of this site, as they are hosted by Blogger.com, one of the popular sites that make personal blogging easy. Anyone is welcome to post. Just put your entry on the Guestbook and I will move it to the Blog, or, you can email your entry to the me - Chuck Cooper.

The op-ed blog dedicated to thoughts you want to publish, which can be anything you have written or are thinking about. The internet has has made it possible for everyone to publish. That was previously the sole province of someone that owned a newspaper. And like newspapers, you don't know who, if anyone, is reading your stuff, but the fun is in having your say. Go for it. And do not miss the poetry entries by Mike the folk artist.

Highline Hello is the Vignette blog. A vignette is a short, impressionistic scene or story that focuses on one moment or gives one impression about a character, an idea or a setting. We all have a number of memories, like snapshots of the past. We may not recollect what happened before or after, but boy, that moment! Ken Linville is a heavy contributor, and with his self effacing humerous approach, such as getting arrested just as he was about to make his move, you will be waiting for the next posting. How about you? When something stands out like that, it was meaningful, and a fascinating insight into that time. If you can't decide whether to start with the most painful, the most embarrassing, or the most delightful, do them all. No limit on number of entries. Email me that memory!

And here is another link to the current photos page. You belong here, even if you don't have the presentation that Tingstad enjoys!


And we have a start-up Wiki, which is something all of you can create. Ken and I added a sample about the parking lot. The most widely used wiki is wikipedia.

From the editor page of the Puget Sound Junior High School News. click on the image to go to the NEWS.

A Woman walked into a bar with a polar bear and a moose. Which one did she have for the free lunch?