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The hedges along the front are bigger and all those signs along the front have to do with parking. Didn't see anything about smoking.

This is the exterior hallway that replaced the grand old hall. Hard to imagine Georgina spending "most of her time" on this?

This picture was the class of 1956's gift to the high school, which is on the wall down the central rabbit run that replaced the wide hall
that used to grace the length of the school. Don't take that wrong, it is a nice rabbit run.

Looks like one of those "THINK AHEA" deals. Or perhaps only about 50% of the Vice Principals go on up.

Our guy is the most distinguised. How can you be a principal without gray hair?

Before you start wondering which of your former classmates are guests here, please note that this is the BACK of Sunnydale grade
school, taken from about the historical location of the BIG ROCK. We include this because it is prettier than the back of the high school.

Here is Leonard Johnson the year you were born. Taken from the Pirates Log of 1938 which was dedicated to him, for reasons
we would know if I would watch where I held the camera. At least the top of the head isn't cut off.